Customizable Click-to-Bind Enrollment System

Customizable Click-to-Bind Enrollment System

1-2-3 INSURE … Powered by Massmark® is a true “Click-to-Bind” system that is ideal for TPAs, Carriers and Affinity Groups. Easily customizable, 1-2-3 INSURE can be connected with current Affinity Group websites and TPA Administrative Systems.

Not only is 1-2-3 INSURE affordable and efficient, we have made sure it is user friendly for all parties. Start using 1-2-3 INSURE now to make the most of your online enrollment opportunities.

Enrollment System Features

The 1-2-3 INSURE system has a proven track record of features making it the easy choice for enrollment needs.

  • True “Click-to-Bind”
  • Customizable Integration with websites and TPA admin systems
  • Affordable and Efficient
  • Easy-to-Use and Mobile-Friendly
  • Analytics Integration
Customizable Click-to-Bind Enrollment System

Our services are ideal for

  • TPAs






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